March 22, 2006

Civil war in Palestine?

According to the Jerusalem Post fighting between Fatah and the government controlled by Hamas (formerly controlled by Fatah) has got so intese that it could be described as a civil war. What struck me was not that there where armed private armies fighting each other, but the reasons that they gave for fighting:
Fatah gunmen also blocked the road leading to the government compound, which includes the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City. They surrounded the compound for several hours, claiming that they had not received their salaries for several months.
The electricity plant has come under several attacks by armed Fatah militiamen over the past few months. The last attack was last week, when a number of gunmen raided the facility, requesting jobs.

a number of gunmen from the Abu Draz family closed the gate of al-Karma Military Hospital in Abasan village, east of Khan Younis and ordered the medical crew to suspend their work.

The attackers announced that the hospital would remain closed until the PA agrees to hire five of their relatives.
The palestinian economy has got so bad that people are litterally willing to kill to get a job. While over the border in Isreal there is high employment and good wages in one of the most inventive countries in the world. Many Palestinians once had access to these Isreali jobs, but not anymore because of the actions of the terrorists that they have elected to rule them.


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